Admar mutt is one of the astha mutt founded by Sri Madhwacharya to do the daily pooja of Sri Krishna installed by him at Udupi.


The first pontiff of Sri Admar Mutt is Sri Narasimha Tirtha and present pontiff is Sri VishvapriyaThirta.
The Matha has executed a series of social welfare activities for the benefit of people at large, irrespective of their religion caste and creed.


Sri Sri Vibhudhesha Theertha Swamiji was 32nd in the lineage. He was born in 1928 (Vibhava Samvatsara, Margashira Bahula Triteeya) and assumed sanyasa in 1945 (Parthiva Saavatsara, Jeshta Bahula Triteeya). He is known worldwide for his meaningful contributions in the field of education. He has established, through Sri Admar Matha Education Council (AMEC), 23 Educational institutions of eminence in different parts of our country to impart secular as well as spiritual education. Over 16,000 students are presently studying in these institutions. Besides, he has also established in Bangalore, through AMEC an ambitious center for Fundamental Research in different branches of science.



Sri Vibhudhesha Tirtha appointed his disciple Sri Vishvapriya Tirtha as his successor, who initiated into the order in the age of 15 on 2nd, June 1972.


His Holiness Sri Vishwapriya Teertha Swamiji, born in 1958 (Vilambi Samvatsara, Ashada Shudha Chathurdashi) was accepted as disciple by the senior Swamiji in the year 1972 (Paridhavi Samvatsara Nijavaishaka Bahula Panchami) and the H.H Sri Vishvapriya Tirtha Swamiji successful completed his first Paryaya (1988 – 90) & second Paryaya (2002- 2004) under the guidance of the Sri Vibudhesha Tirtha Swamiji. Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji is well known, for his achievements in spiritual sphere, he has enlightened thousands of persons through his profound discourses, full of spiritual thoughts.





Welcome to Udupi Admar Muth!




Sri Ishapriya Tirtha -
Pre Ashrama name -Sreesha S,
Qualification - Mechanical Engineering
Date of Birth - March 20, 1985, 29 years
Schooling - Teerthahalli
College - Jawaharlal College of Engineering, Shimoga in the year 2006.

Family background-
He three brothers - Ramamurthy, Rajesh and Girish - are graduates in computer science. Rajesh lives in the US, while the others are employed in Bangalore. Their mother
Gowri looks after their farms and fields in Shiroor.
The pattabhisheka ceremony was held at Durga Devi Temple in Kunjaruguri on July 19 under the guidance of Vishvapriya Tirtha Swami and Vidyadheesha Tirtha Swami of Palimar Math.
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